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In 1985, my father, ELIAS LIVIERATOS, a charismatic and talented Kefalonian, self-taught engraver, goldsmith and sculptor, moved his jewelry store and workshop from the center of Athens to the castle of Monemvasia. Working in the Byzantine castle city, where each stone is inextricably linked with centuries of history, he had the idea to create a series of jewels inspired by architectural details of the castle of Monemvasia and Mystras. Byzantine capitals, lintels, coats of arms, traditional doors, the castle gate, shields and decorative reliefs were engraved by Elias Livieratos with a chisel and were imprinted with the technique of micro-sculpture on rings, pendants and pendants.

next generation

In the same year, me, ANASTASIA LIVIERATOU (Tasia), then a student at the Historical Archaeological Department of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Kapodistrias, helping in the family business, began to learn from my father the art of silver and goldsmithing. The process of shaping silver immediately excited me. Close to other traditional craftsmen I learned different techniques such as cloisonne enamel and filigree and I studied at the school of sculpture of EOMMEX. Continuing the family tradition, I work exclusively in silver, sometimes combined with touches of gold, I enrich the collection with jewelry inspired by the castle of Monemvasia, I create others with ancient Greek themes, drawing on influences from Greek mythology and museums. In addition to historical jewelry, I design and manufacture two completely different series. One with abstract design sculpted enamel forms and the other with unique silver and gold pieces engraved by hand.


 In the same place, on the main cobbled street of Monemvasia, since 1985, in one of the oldest buildings is my shop. It can be easily located as it is the only one that has an underground arch visible from the outside with the visitable workshop and a small museum of the traditional techniques of silver and goldsmithing.

The store is open about 7 months a year. From Easter until the end of October. This gives my job a very pleasant change as for 7 months I am in contact with visitors to the castle of Monemvasia from all over the world, very often art lovers, with a strong interest in history and Greek culture and always in the light mood of the person who is on vacation. The remaining 5 months are dedicated to the production of jewelry. In the store, apart from my own works, one can also find selected silver jewelry of other Greek designers as well as hagiographies.


In the atmospheric underground arch of the store is part of the workshop (the underground spaces below the shops in the main cobbled street of Monemvasia Castle were, after all, according to the archeological research, always laboratories).

The rest of the arch space has been turned into a – very small – silversmith museum. Here the visitor can get a vivid picture of the traditional techniques of jewelry making. In construction stages, from the design to the final result, the techniques of engraving, filigree, cloisonne enamel, casting on cuttlefish bone, casting with loss of wax, etc. are exposed. Antique silver and gold tools and machines are also on display.

The tours are done in small groups, by appointment, in Greek, English, French language and are free of charge.

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