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abstract paintings necklace

280.00 VAT 24% Included
Beaded necκlace with abstract paintings

Blue flower

33.00 VAT 24% Included
Little blue enamelled post silver earrings

Blue ring with flower

120.00 VAT 24% Included
Big enamelled silver ring with relief flower adjustable size

cloisonné enameled necklace

310.00 VAT 24% Included
Articulated, cloisonné, enameled necklace

Croissant earrings

90.00 VAT 24% Included
Round enamelled silver dangling earrings

Dove earrings

113.00 VAT 24% Included
Dangling silver earrings with enamelled purple dove design

Enamelled waves

295.00 VAT 24% Included
Enamelled silver bracelet. Length 19 cm