Handcrafted earrings by Anastasia Livieratou

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Blue flower

33.00 VAT 24% Included
Little blue enamelled post silver earrings

Byzantine lightweight earrings

50.00 VAT 24% Included
Silver lightweight earrings with Byzantine design Inspired by the relief decoration on the columns of Agia Sofia church in Monemvasia

crescent earrings

145.00 VAT 24% Included
Half moon-shaped byzantine silver earrings

Croissant earrings

90.00 VAT 24% Included
Round enamelled silver dangling earrings

Dove earrings

113.00 VAT 24% Included
Dangling silver earrings with enamelled purple dove design

Earrings “Hunting”

Big articulated Byzantine earrings. Inspired by a column capital on Agia Sofia church representing dogs and a hare. Silver 950.

Eye with tear Earrings

Original dangling silver earrings with unusual shape and rough oxidized surface. They are decorate with a turquoise color enameled eye

Fish earrings

105.00 VAT 24% Included
Hanging silver square earrings with enamelled  design of a fish and a starfish