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Rose sapphire earrings

240.00 VAT 24% Included
Handmade earrings with imperfect rose sapphires.Engraved by hand Silver 925

Round time machine earrings

125.00 VAT 24% Included
Enamelled dangling silver earrings Inspired by the mechanism of a clock.

two tones of blue and purple

Sapphire earrings

240.00 VAT 24% Included
Silver earrings with sapphire

silver and gold earrings

460.00 VAT 24% Included
Silver and 14 k gold round earrings

Snake earrings

99.00 VAT 24% Included
Enamelled silver dangling earrings with design of a blue and red snake

Square earrings

55.00 VAT 24% Included
Square post silver earrings with blue-green enamel

Thin long earrings

190.00 VAT 24% Included
Thin and long dangling earrings with garnets (semiprecious stones) made and engraved by hand Silver with  18 karats gold details with 18 karats gold    

Time travel earrings

130.00 VAT 24% Included
Dangling silver earrings with blue and red enamel

Triangle shield earrings

104.00 VAT 24% Included
Triangle shield shaped dangling earrings. enamelled silver

winter tear earrings

140.00 VAT 24% Included
long silver earrings with Aqua marine gemstones