Handcrafted necklace by Anastasia Livieratou

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abstract paintings necklace

280.00 VAT 24% Included
Beaded necκlace with abstract paintings

Ammonite Necklace

310.00 VAT 24% Included
Silver necklace with ammonite fossil and tourmaline beads

art nouveau obsession necklace

460.00 VAT 24% Included
Silver necklace with ruby and gold-plated details

cloisonné enameled necklace

310.00 VAT 24% Included
Articulated, cloisonné, enameled necklace

Ioannina blue pendant

110.00 VAT 24% Included
Traditional silver chain and pendant

Little links necklace

54.00 VAT 24% Included
Silver chain with engraved decorative clasp

Mycenaean necklace

480.00 VAT 24% Included
Gold plated silver necklace inspired by Mecenean civilisation

Necklace with colorful flowers

Silver necklace with enameled flowers of different colors.

Nostalgia necklace

410.00 VAT 24% Included
Silver necklace with Ruby gemstone

Stone lake

280.00 VAT 24% Included
Hand made silver necklace with blue agate Unique piece,engraved by hand